The “Fisherman’s Church” as St. Michael’s is best known has served the people   of Biloxi’s Point since it was established as a mission in 1907. Today this   unique cylindrical church with it’s scalloped shell roof still stands as a   symbol of strength for all the hard working nationalities which make up this   spiritual community.

Ravaged by the two most powerful hurricanes to ever   hit the Gulf of Mexico, Camille in August of 1969, and Katrina in August of   2005, St. Michael Church has stood 200 mile per hour winds and a 28 foot tidal   surge. The church is a testament to the struggle of these devout Catholic   families who form the nucleus of this colorful maritime parish.

The   inspiring interior of St. Michael is designed to focus attention to the main   altar, two and a half tons quarried in the Holy Land, with a bronzed crucifix   hanging above it, that appears be suspended in mid-air. The stained glass   windows depict figures of the twelve apostles gathering in their catch. We try   to do the same as we reach out to visitors with god’s invitation to stay and   pray.

Today St. Michael Church and it’s parishioners are still recovering   from the devastating effect of Hurricane Katrina. We are finalizing plans for   restoring and reconstructing this prayerful, sacred place.

St. Michael   Parish also sponsors the Blessing of the Fleet. This annual event commemorates   the beginning of Biloxi’s shrimping season which begins late May or early   June. Shrimp boats parade past the blessing boat to receive a symbolic touch of   holy water in hope for a safe journey seaward and a bountiful catch.