I am Father Gregory Barras, Pastor of St. Michael, Church of the Fishermen, since January of 2006. As we continue to grow and learn from the catastrophic storm, Hurricane Katrina, we need your thoughts and prayers.

Since that experience, fourteen years ago, we have almost completed our rebuilding program for our campus. The beautiful, 45 columns of stained-glass in our 360 degree place of worship remains a beacon of faith on the gulf coast.  Restoration and re-consecration of the Church was completed in January of 2011.  We completed in January of last year our Family Life Center and are currently replacing our grotto in honor of Mary.

Our congregation is a faith-filled, persistent, persevering group of women, men, families, visitors from all over the country, who gather to name the presence of Jesus in our lives and continue to become a visible presence of God in our city and along the Gulf coast. We are uncertain if we will ever restore our neighborhood. At present, we all travel to church through blocks and blocks of empty lots.  This is a steady reminder of how powerful mother nature is and how fragile possessions are. Here one day and gone the next. Our faith is the consistent thread of holding us together and driving us, with hope and healing, forward.

It continues to be a privilege to be Pastor here at St. Michael. We are always learning how to build and grow our faith, in an unusual situation. AND WE DO, WITH THE HELP OF GOD. We desire to seek God’s presence in everyone and in all events. Here, we meet Jesus and learn to live, love, create, and use all our gifts and skills.  Please look at our links to see our progress and our history.  To be a part of securing our legacy and tradition please go to the link that enables you to donate financially.  This charity is most welcome and we are very grateful for whatever you can give. All of our benefactors remain in our prayers for charity, sacrifice, and care. Please continue to pray for us as we continue to build God’s Kingdom, here and now.

Much Gratitude,

Fr. Gregory