Hello everyone,

It has been some time since I communicated with you. St.Michael rests in much gratitude for a hurricaneless summer. Though the climate was hot and the Gulf waters very warm, a great invitation for a hurricane, we were spared. Since our reconsecration of St. Michael in January of this year, we continue to enjoy the beauty and artistry of this unique prayer space.

By the grace of God, our attendance continues to remain steady. Fluctuations in numbers are seasonal. However, we continue to sustain a viable and vibrant faith community.

Slowly and ever so slowly, we are moving toward finalizing plans for our Pastoral Life Center. Delays occur simply in getting plans that fit our financial capacity and hopes. We are still gathering funds to fully finance this expenditure and are certain we will reach our goal of two million four hundred thousand dollars. We anxiously need a space that is near to meet our needs for activities that cover religious education, socials for youth, seniors and parish celebrations. We will extend an open hand to self-help groups and community meetings. We also plan to rent our space to defer maintainence costs.

Our financial page is open for donations for the church and the Pastoral Life Center, PLC. In this season of thanksgiving, St.Michael prays for all its benefactors whose charity enables us to be in existence and to plan for the future.We pray for your health and blessings in this season of Christ\’s birth and in the coming year. Please consider being a part of the legacy of St.Michael by sending a donation. We all continue to struggle in this financial squeeze. We need your charity and love and sacrifice to continue to hope and plan for the future. In gratitude and in wishing each of you graces and blessings that you need, may you receive what you need abundantly.
Fr. Greg Pastor St. Michael Church of the Fishermen