Wow, I have not communicated in some four years. That is the passing time since we reconsecrated the church in January of 2011. It is time for an update and a vision where St. Michael is and how we are still “growing St. Michael”.

Since the mid 1800’s, the faith, tradition, heritage, and legacy of this fishing community has been taking root on the northern border of the Gulf of Mexico. In spite of harsh conditions and many natural disasters that have hit this location, we continue to be a people of faith, grateful for the bounty of the Gulf of Mexico, and persevering as a visible, viable sign of God’s presence.

We are currently in the fifth month of construction of the $2.2 million dollar FAMILY LIFE CENTER. We hope to finish construction in time for the tenth anniversary of the hurricane that destroyed the complex. August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina visited us and left an indelible mark of destruction, trauma, shock, and a determined group of people, centered in faith, to regroup, restore, rebuild our faith, our lives, our community, our church, our family life center.

We could not come this far in ten years without your prayers, your visible volunteering to help us clean up and come back to our site to celebrate Eucharist and our prayer life, and your generous hearts through financial contributions. All of you are invaluable in the constant road to recovery, even ten years later.

Our church is a beautiful, sacred space, one of a kind in the world. We are blessed with many works of art: the 36 -forty-five foot panes of stained glass, by Emil Frie of St. Louis, Mo., the altar, a 21/2 ton piece of stone from the Hill of Calvary, the baptismal font out of the same rock from the altar, the bronze corpus, cross, and corona by Miss Emery, the archangel guarding us from the top of the chapel by Jean Seidenberg of New Orleans, La., the contemporary statues of Mary and Joseph by local artist Harry Reeks, and the stations of the cross in lead and pewter by Enrique Alferez of New Orleans. The architecture of the building by James Canizaro of Jackson, Ms. is a circular, high domed space that invites prayer, praise, welcome, and hope.

We need you spiritually and financially. Your prayers are powerful and evident.
In order to maintain present buildings and pay for the present construction, we need your financial support. There are several areas to which you can contribute, through a direct check or using your credit/debit care..
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With much gratitude and hope,
In prayer,

Father Gregory Barras, Pastor